Week 4 – When a Report Isn’t Enough

Earlier this week, the Feds released a report asserting the Russian Government had a hand in the United States 2016 Election. As concerning as this is, some security skeptics feel that the report did not do enough, or say enough, to prove Russian involvement. Andy Greenberg’s Wired.com article quotes one security professional as  being upset more technical details were not released.

I believe the US Government is in a tough position. A company would never release the full details of a breach, some items are always going to remain classified. Is it wrong for the government to hold back details? I am not sure. Because this report is dealing with the outcome of an election, should all the details be released? If it turns out that this is true, and the election was altered by Russia, do we start over with the election?

I wager that we will never know the full details of this attack, or how it influenced our election. With just a couple weeks until inauguration day, my guess is that the report will stay as is.


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