Week 7 – President Trump’s Old Phone

While President Trump has been in the news all week for various Executive Orders, one thing that caught the security community’s attention was a New York Times article. In the article, Maggie Haberman notes that President Trump is still using an “old, unsecured Android phone” even though aides have urged him to give it up.

This is not a new practice, after all President Obama fought to keep his Blackberry clear back in 2009. The difference being President Obama took a new, secure Blackberry. At this point, President Trump has refused to give up his old Android handset.

Lily Newman writes about the inherent risk of President Trump using an old phone (some speculating it might be over five years old) in her article on Wired.com. Newman points out that the risk may not even be attacks against the President. Many applications, Twitter being one of them, constantly track a user’s location – not exactly secure.

My overall take is one of disbelief. Back in 2009 smartphones were relatively new, mainly used for email. There was not a real alternative at the time, so it makes more sense for President Obama to fight for a secure version of his device. Reportedly President Trump has been offered a secure device, but refuses. Furthermore, according to Newman, there are no policies requiring the use of secure devices by a President. This makes no sense from a security standpoint, but reminds me of most organizations that let their senior leaders ignore policy. Business should remember that they are only as strong as their weakest link, hopefully in this case the weakest link is not a five year old Android device.


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