Week 8 – Super Bowl Security Considerations

As someone without a cable subscription, I was happy to see the NFL and Fox heavily promoting that one would be able to stream the Super Bowl using the Fox Sports Go app. I have seen a similar trend with the NBA offering most of their playoff games via streaming apps.

This is great for cord cutters, but it got me thinking about the security threats faced by the NFL and Fox. According to Business Insider, a Super Bowl commercial costs $5 million this year, up about $200,000 from last year. With streaming becoming a more popular form of consuming media, I would wager that advertisers are hoping for a high number of streamers to view their advertisements as well. Not only that, but streamers provide more analytics than typical cable viewers. With money and data at stake, the NFL and Fox have a vested interest in offering a high-quality stream. Because of that, I am sure attackers are also interested in taking the stream offline.

So while the NFL used to mainly focus on the physical security of their event, now they are going to have to also consider their cyber security strategy. Though I doubt we will ever get to see a breakdown of how the NFL implements this protection, I am sure they have a large team dedicated to minimizing the risk of a stream cutting out. I certainly hope they do, after all I want to see some ridiculous commercials without interruption!

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