Week 9 – President Trump Fires White House CISO

In a follow-up to my Week 7 post about President Trump using a 5-year old Android phone, he has now decided to fire the CISO that President Obama hired in 2015. TechTarget Senior Reporter, Michael Heller, reports that the President is likely using his private security firm to handle duties until a replacement is hired.

When President Obama hired Cory Louie back in 2015, he wanted to help the White House better understand the risks and threats that they faced. While there was never much publicity about this hire, it is obvious that the former President and his staff felt the need to better protect the White House. I would tend to agree. As stated in my week 7 article, there are no laws dictating what types of technology the President can use, therefore it is easy to see why the President may want a security advisor. It is likely that Louie helped shape the President’s security strategy as well as making recommendations for how the President should use technology.

Frankly, if the President Trump’s private security team is allowing him to use a five year old phone, I have to question whether or not they can guide the White House away from security threats. I believe President Obama made the right decision in hiring a CISO for the White House, and am hopeful that President Trump will hire a replacement.

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