Week 11 – Netflix Stethoscope

On Tuesday, Netflix released their open-source, user led security tool, Stethoscope. From their blog post, Netflix outlined their belief that users are more open to security when it is not forced upon them.

It is an interesting web based tool (that works on mobile). The tool analyzes a user’s device and gives them easy to follow recommendations on securing the device. Things like encryption, screen locks, and OS updates are all topics the tool will offer advice about. It also integrates with existing tools an organization may be using, such as LANDESK. This is great because many organizations could provide this without making large changes to their environment.

This is a excellent tool that Netflix is providing to the community (it is on GitHub). Forcing security on users is tough for everyone. By explaining the needs is a very custom way, users may be more likely to implement the changes requested by the IT team.

I will be spinning Stethoscope up to take it for a test drive over the next week or two. Look for a follow-up post soon!

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